The project has implemented a work plan consisting of four technical work packages and one work package devoted to coordinate them and to engage with policy makers in order to achieve high impact results.


Clinical Trial

USZ, Switzerland
WP1 will entail the clinical part of this study to perform the proof-of-concept, double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled trial of 3 month of atorvastatin therapy to reduce pulmonary inflammation during TB relapse and chronic lung disease.

Sample immunoassays and lab analysis

UCT, South Africa
In WP2 we will perform sample immunoassays and laboratory analysis in order to compare changes on PET/CT with immunological, blood biomarkers and blood transcriptional profiling.

Capacity Building

UNAM, Namibia
WP3 will entail capacity building at UNAM and UCT and networking of young African scientists as independent researchers and future principal investigator for clinical trials in Sub Saharan Africa. We will create an exchange platform for professionals between our European and African partner institutes, perform a SWOT analysis and deliver tailored capacity building measures to help strengthen existing capacities at UNAM and support the site on their way to becoming an established site and well networked participant in international phase three clinical trials.

Data Management

UCT, South Africa
WP4 includes the preparation of clinical trial documentation, database development as well as the set up of clinical trial processes and quality control mechanisms to support accurate and complete data collection. In addition, WP4 will support validation, storage, processing and analysis of the study data.

Project Management, Dissemination, and Exploitation

LINQ, Germany
WP5 will facilitate the management of the consortium and the project which will also include dissemination and exploitation activities, as well as liaising with WHO and relevant stakeholders to pave the way towards rapid translation of project outcomes into clinical practice.