StatinTB Learning Board: A new online platform to strengthen capacity building activities

The StatinTB consortium works actively to design and promote training and networking opportunities for early-career researchers involved with the study. This work is spearheaded by the team working with Work Package 3, Capacity Building, led by Dr Emmanuel Nepolo of the University of Namibia (UNAM) and actively supported by Dr Gunar Günther, StatinTB Investigator, of University Hospital Bern, Switzerland.

In late November last year, the group launched the StatinTB Learning Board, a tailor-made online platform developed by StatinTB’s project management partner, LINQ. The platform contains curated material for career and skill development which can be used by StatinTB’s early-career researchers and other members involved in capacity building.

In addition to analytical and technical skills, scientists at all levels are now required to be proficient in management and administration. Yet, soft skills are not the focus of most undergraduate and post-graduate science studies.

“The StatinTB Learning Board is a comprehensive platform covering important topics in a young scientist’s career – all on one page,” says Dr Gunar Günther.

One of the main objectives of StatinTB’s capacity building efforts is to ensure that the activities executed are sustainable and benefit all project paters’ research and clinical trials capacity both now and in the long run.

“What I love about the Learning Board is that it can be kept live even after the end of the project duration. That way, we can ensure sustained access to the resources created in the context of the project and maintain a space that connects and supports the members of our consortium not only during the EDCTP-funded period, but also beyond,” says Dr Claudia Schacht, Managing Director of LINQ.

For more insights into StatinTB’s capacity building efforts, check out this interview with Hilya Ekandjo, Study Nurse at UNAM, who travelled to South Africa in 2022 to complete a two-week data management training with the team at the University of Cape Town (UCT) or this article about how the new BSL-3 lab at UNAM is expected to have a long-term positive impact on UNAM’s research capacity.